Young LCA researcher workshopsWe are happy to announce that the “2nd young LCA researcher workshop” will take place on November 5th. This time the workshop is focusing on the LCA of the End of Life phase. Just like the “1st young LCA researcher workshop”, the event is especially addressing junior scientists and young practitioners in the field of Life Cycle Assessment, who are working in southern Germany.

The November workshop is organized by Ann-Kathrin Wimmer and Ana Salles and takes place at Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal. LCA-pioneer Prof. Dr. Peter Eyerer, founder of PE international (now thinkstep) Dr.-Ing. Thilo Kupfer of thinkstep, Prof. Tobias Viere of HS Pforzheim and Marlies Meijer of the Dutch recycling company ARN B.V. are invited as keynote speakers. The workshop-language is English, participation is free of charge.

Further information and registration details can be found in our event calendar:

2nd LCA workshop on November 5th 2015

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